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200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit w/ MPPT Charge Controller

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CAD $431.99
CAD $539.99

200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit w/ MPPT Charge Controller

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CAD $431.99
CAD $539.99
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Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit w/ MPPT Charge Controller
200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit w/ MPPT Charge Controller
CAD $431.99
CAD $539.99
CAD $431.99
CAD $539.99
Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit w/ MPPT Charge Controller

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You'll never doubt you are getting the most out of your system with Renogy's 200W Monocrystalline Starter Kit MPPT. Designed to draw out your system's potential; this kit includes our 20A MPPT charge controller which uses Maximum Power Point Tracking technology; transferring power up to 30% more efficiently than PWM charge controllers.

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Key Features


  • High solar cell efficiency : Monocrystalline 18.4%
  • Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments
  • The included MPPT charge controler has a peak efficiency of 97%


  • EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating guaranteed
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use; allowing the panels to last for decades
  • TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance over a long period of time
  • IP65 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets


  • Sealed; Gel and Flooded charging algorithim ready
  • 4-Stage battery charging process for a rapid; efficient; and safe battery charging
  • Timer function with 1-15 hour option


  • The Renogy Wanderer is equipped with multiple electronic protections; overcharging; overload; short-circuit and reversed polarity
  • Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast and secure mounting

Package Includes

Renogy 100W Solar Panel(Compact Design)

Renogy 100W Solar Panel(Compact Design)

2 x

Renogy 20A MPPT Rover Charge Controller

Renogy 20A Rover Charge Controller

1 x

Mounting Z Brackets

Mounting Z Brackets

2 x

Renogy 20ft 10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit (A pair)

Adapter Kit

1 x

Renogy 8ft 10AWG Tray Cables (A pair)

Tray Cable

1 x

Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel(Compact Design)

The Renogy Rover - 20A MPPT Charge Controller  

Maximum Power: 100W Nominal system voltage :12V/24V Auto Recognition
Maximum System Voltage:600V DC (UL) Rated Battery Current :20A
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 18.6V Rated Load Current: 20A
Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5.38A Max. PV Input Short Current :25A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.3V Max. Battery Voltage :32V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 5.86A Max Solar Input Voltage :100 VDC
Dimensions: 1076x509x35mm / 42.4x20.0x1.4 Mounting Oval :0.30 x 0.18in
Weight: 6.5kg / 14.3lbs Net Weight :3.08 lb
  Overall Dimension:8.27 x 5.94 x 2.34in
Renogy 8ft 10AWG Tray Cables (A pair) Mounting Z Brackets (Set)
Length: 8ft Eight Long Cap Bolts and Four Short Bolts
AWG: 10 Four Spring Washers and Four Washers
Rating Voltage: 600/1000V Four Z Shape Solar Panel Brackets
Temperature: -40°F to +185°F Four Nuts
Renogy Adaptor Kit (Set)  
Length: 20ft  
AWG: 10  
Rating Voltage: 600/1000V  
Temperature: -40°F to +185°F  

Warranty Information


25-year transferable power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate; 10 year/90% efficiency rate; 25-year/80% efficiency rate

5-year material and workmanship warranty

Accessories 1-year material warranty



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  • 5
    Works as advertised and beyond

    Posted by Edgar N. on Jul 10th 2023

    Bought this install on my shed to have a power source in my backyard. Did not need tons of power, but this system has provided more than I was expecting. Super easy to install, hooked up to a LiFePO 20Ah 12V battery, and powering a 1600W pure sine 120V converter. I am going to add a second battery just to give me a little more time, current setup lasts for 5 hours. Only suggestion is the cables that come with the kit for the battery have a smaller ring at the end. I totally recommend this system.

  • 4
    Maintains batteries! Bluetooth is broken...

    Posted by Spring Creek Urban Homestead on Jul 9th 2023

    I took the time ti install the control panel flush in the wall and run all of the cables in loom and tied them all up ect. Intall was fairly straightforward and simple. I even upgraded from o e battery to 3 as i already had them laying arou d from a recent trade. So very happy to see that they work as advertised. The two panels in direct sunlight were producing about 140w, that's about the expected max.The controller seems to function as it should regulating the input (upwards of 20v) to about 13v charges rate and managing the batteries. It does however always say the controller is 77°, so there is something wrong there. The Bluetooth is crap. The app is awesome when it works. I have to remove the device in the app and re-add it EVERY TIME I want to connect and see the Info. That's my biggest issue with the system.I have just one panel set up while the camper is parked to maintain the batteries and seems to be doing the job just fine.

  • 4
    tres bien recu

    Posted by jean yves Rousseau on Jul 9th 2023

    tres bon materiel ,recu le jour prévu

  • 5
    Works great with LED lights

    Posted by Nancy Paulman on Jun 20th 2023

    When using LED lights and these solar screens they take very little voltage from battery

  • 5
    Very nice kit,

    Posted by kevin s on Jun 11th 2023

    Love the kit, everything is as described.

  • 5

    Posted by Mason on Jun 7th 2023

    Extremely satisfied

  • 5
    works really well

    Posted by NMG on May 19th 2023

    hubby installed this and it works great

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Chlopik on May 18th 2023

    Def recommend. Everything is well made, the quality shows instantly. Everything works as described, easy install, out performs others I've bought. Keep on ???

  • 5
    came with instructions!

    Posted by michael everett on Apr 27th 2023

    powers up my 100amp lipo battery in my overland camper. keeps battery and 2000 watt inverter powered up even on cloudy days. off grid travel is great thanks to these solar panels .this camper is used for work and play.