Solar canada batteries are most commonly deep cycle batteries. Our quality deep cycle batteries cycle, so they can charge and discharge many times, perfect for regular use. Use deep cycle batteries as power storage in RVs, vans, boats, off-grid homes, or other solar setups.


1. What is a solar deep cycle battery?

A solar deep cycle battery is a type of battery designed for prolonged and repeated deep charging/discharging cycles. These regular cycles are needed to store and distribute energy which is generated by intermittent renewable sources - the most common being solar panels.  


2. What is the difference between a solar battery and a deep cycle battery?

Solar batteries store energy collected from your solar panels. Most solar batteries are deep cycle batteries. Car batteries only provide short bursts of energy, but by contract, deep cycle batteries provide sustained energy over a longer period. For this reason, car batteries cannot be used alongside solar power systems. The higher your solar battery's capacity, the more energy you can store.  


3. Can I use deep cycle batteries for solar?

Deep-cycle Canada batteries are ideal for use in solar power systems because they can completely discharge without being damaged as quickly as other battery types would. 


4. How long do deep cycle batteries last in solar power setups?

Deep cycle batteries are long-lasting in solar power setups. The general lifespan for a solar Canada battery is between 5 and 15 years.