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  • What size battery do I need?

    We recommend adding all the device wattages used daily and dividing this number by 12V to get a rough estimate on the amount of amperage needed per day.

  • Why are Lithium Batteries so expensive?

    Lithium batteries are higher in price because the chemistry of the cells have a longer life cycle compared to AGM and GEL batteries and they can be fully utilized to be drained 100%. The upfront cost may be higher, but with the life cycle 3x as much as regular deep cycle batteries long term these batteries are actually more cost efficient.

  • What is a BMS?

    The BMS stands for Battery Management System and safely protects the battery from being used/charged during incorrect conditions.

  • Can I mount my Lithium battery in any position?

    Yes Lithium batteries can safely be mounted in any position.

Comparison Chart

12V 50AH Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 170AH Lithium Iron Phosphate
Nominal Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Capacity 50Ah@10hr-rate to 10.5V @25°C 100Ah@20hr-rate to 10.5V @25°C 170Ah@20hr-rate to 10.5V @25°C
Charging Voltage 14.4±0.2V 14.4±0.2V 14.4±0.2V
Float Voltage 14.4±0.2V 14.4±0.2V 14.4±0.2V
50% DOD Cycle Life 7000 Cycles 7000 Cycles 7000 Cycles
Operating Temperture Discharge:-20~60°C
Container Material ABS+PC ABS+PC ABS+PC
Dimensions 7.75 x 6.53 x 6.73 in 10.24 x 6.22 x 9.68 in 14.05 x 6.10 x 10.63 in
Weight 14.77 lbs 28.1 lbs 46.30 lbs