C$1 spent equals 10 Rays earned. Join Renogy Power Plus to start earning and enjoy premium benefits and rewards.
Together, living on earth with Renogy in a renewable and sustainable fashion. Enjoy our unique lifestyle products!


Browse an exciting collection of must-have Renogy lifestyle gadgets, products, discount and cash rewards.



Enjoy amazing benefits as a Power Plus member when you upgrade to the next tier.

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Browse an exciting collection of must-have Renogy lifestyle gadgets, products, discount and cash rewards.

Newcomer Gift 5% off for the first order EG1
Dedicated PLUS Price EG1 EG2 EG3 EG4
Early Bird Perks EG1 EG2 EG3 EG4
Referral Rewards EG1 EG2 EG3 EG4
Order Rays Value
(Tax Excluded)
C$1=10R C$1=10R C$1=12R C$1=15R
Birthday Gift Birthday Rays 50R EG1 EG2 EG3 EG4
1 x C$5 off coupon EG2 EG3 EG4
1 x 5% off coupon EG3 EG4
Physical Birthday Gift EG4

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RENOGY Power Plus FAQs

1   What is Renogy Power Plus Membership?
Renogy Power Plus is Renogy's dedicated membership program, an all-access pass to a bounty of rewards and benefits. It's free to join, and every C$1 spent earns Renogy Rays that get you closer to the next prize.
2   How do I join  Renogy Power Plus?
Join us is easy (and free)! Once created a new account on the site, you have joined Renogy Power Plus automatically.
3   What are Renogy Rays, and how to earn them?
Renogy Rays are membership points earned by purchasing or participating in dedicated activities at DC Home APP.
4   Do the Rays have an expiration date?
Yes, the Rays will expire expire at a certain point.
5   How will the expiration of Rays work?
Rays earned prior to or on 2021, if unused, will expire on 12/31/2023 at 11:59 PM PST.
Rays will expire two years after the year obtained at 11:59 PM 12/31 PST.
6   When will I see the Rays I earned added to my account?
Once your order is shipped, the corresponding amount of Rays will be delivered to your account. Rays earned in any other channels are delivered in real-time.
7   Where can I find my Rays balance?
On your official store account profile or DC Home APP account profile.
8   How do I use my Rays?
Renogy Rays can be used to redeem Renogy products, upcoming merchandise, and coupons.
9   Where can I use my Rays?
You can redeem all the kinds of rewards on the Renogy DC Home APP. Scan the QR code to redeem.
10   I'm a new Renogy Power Plus member. How do I redeem my 5% off new member discount?
You will see the coupon code after creating the new account successfully. Kindly note the code can be used once per account.
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