Monitoring Screen for Smart Lithium Battery Series

Monitoring Screen for Smart Lithium Battery Series
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The Renogy Monitoring Screen for Smart Lithium Battery Series is a high precision meter designed for Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries in off-grid energy storage systems. Instead of measuring the current flowing in/out of the battery bank using a shunt, it can communicate directly with the battery management system (BMS) and obtain more accurate state of charge (SoC) readings compared to traditional battery monitors. Other battery bank information including voltage, current, capacity, remaining time, warning code, and number of paralleled batteries are also available on the monitoring screen to help users avoid abnormal conditions and extend the lifetime of the battery bank.

Note: The monitoring screen is totally compatible with the Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries purchased on after April 15th 2020(RBT100LFP12S-CA). If the battery bank connected to the monitoring screen contains one or more Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries purchase on before April 15th 2020, there is a small chance of compatibility issues. In such cases, please contact us for help.

If you have any questions regarding this product; please submit a case.

Key Features

Plug and Play
  • Simply connects the monitoring screen to the battery bank using an RJ45 communication cable for real-time monitoring.
Accurate Readings
  • Obtains battery bank status directly from the battery management system for precise tracking and prediction.
Comprehensive Protection
  • Displays straightforward warning codes for the quick recognition of potential abnormal conditions and improper operation.
Easy Operation
  • Shows detailed battery bank information at the push of a button without the need of system configuration and calibration.

Package Includes


1 x

Supply Voltage: 12VDC Communication Port: RJ45 (RS485 Protocol)
Supply Current: 30mA Display: Backlit LCD
Power Consumption: <1W User Interface: 2 Front Panel Menu Buttons, 1 Power Button
Operating Temperature Range: -4°F~113°F / -20°C~45°C Mounting System: Wall Mount
Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1V Dimension: 2.76 x 4.33 x 1.25 inch / 70 x 110 x 31.8 mm
Current Accuracy: ±0.1A Weight: 0.14 lbs / 62 g

Warranty Information

Accessories 1-year material warranty

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Simple battery monitor

Devan on Jan 5th 2023

Works well. Just connect a cat5 network cable and it works. I'm glad this ones does not seem to auto scroll through the different pages. The back lighting could be a bit brighter.

Monitoring screen for Smart Lithium Battery

Conrad Toussaint on Apr 27th 2022

Un produit très intéressant donnant une information complète sur l'état de la batterie et très simple à brancher. Seul point négatif, ma batterie Renogy lithium neuve, pleinement chargée affiche un pourcentage de charge de 92% au lieu de 100%. Si je force un peu la charge, manuellement, l'affichage affiche un état de surcharge, à 94%. Ma batterie neuve, hélas, n'a donc que 92% de sa capacité.


LUC ROBILLARD on Nov 11th 2021

A must for monitoring the status of my smart 100 ah battery. Works really well.


Chris Mooney on Jun 28th 2021

I particularly like access to SOC (state of charge). This is very useful for my marine application and knowing how much battery life I have to power trolling motor . I also like the convenience to put the battery into sleep mode when needed.

Monitoring Screen

Todd Feduck on Jun 6th 2021

Works well and is a good idea to keep track of your battery status. One issue is that the screen is hard to see unless you are square on it, without sunlight. We have ours lower than eye level and have a hard time reading it


Lee Dickson on May 14th 2021

The monitor is a great add on to the “smart” battery lineup. Great for fingertips information about the battery bank up to 9 batteries deep. Also great for my stand alone battery in the portable solar generator.

Works well

Pete on Apr 21st 2021

Came with very long cable to connect to the battery. Wish it would not scroll continuously and stay on amps when I want to watch amps.

Monitor for smart renogy battery

Barb Barna on Nov 20th 2020

It's great, gives me a whole lot of info my old volt meter just doesn't...