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3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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CAD $406.99
CAD $678.99

3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

SKU: RNG-INVT-3000-12V-P2-CA
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CAD $406.99
CAD $678.99
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3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
CAD $406.99
CAD $678.99
CAD $406.99
CAD $678.99
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3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Advanced pure sine wave technology to maximize your system efficiency.
Hassle-Free Setup
Whether you're a seasoned solar enthusiast or a solar beginner, our clear instructions ensures that you can start harnessing clean, reliable power without any complications. Empower your off-grid adventure with ease and confidence using the Renogy Inverter.
One-Stop Off-Grid Energy Solution
Seamless integration of Renogy solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries with the versatile pure sine wave output of the inverter. Reliable, efficient, and the ultimate one-stop solution for off-grid power needs.
Versatile Pure Sine Wave Power
The pure sine wave output ensures a smooth and stable power supply that mimics the utility grid power, making them highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of electrical appliances. Renogy inverters work seamlessly with sensitive devices without causing compatibility issues or disruptions, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring reliable performance.
Powerful Output
Experience the true potential of 3000W continuous output and a staggering 6000W peak power with the Renogy Inverter. Delivering unparalleled performance, this powerful device ensures that you can confidently run your high-demand appliances and equipment off-grid.
Powerful Heat Dissipation
Operates at peak performance even in extreme temperatures, ensuring your system is always running smoothly and efficiently.
Enhanced Stability
The pure sine wave output ensures a high-quality power supply, free from any interference to signals, delivering smooth and consistent power.
Durable Metal Casing
Built with durable materials and superior craftsmanship to withstand the test of time and harsh conditions, delivering exceptional performance and peace of mind.
Dimensional Reference Guide
Enabling an Independent Off-Grid Lifestyle
Empower your off-grid life with the Renogy Inverter, and embrace a sustainable, independent lifestyle powered by the sun.
Enabling an Independent Off-Grid Lifestyle
Empower your off-grid life with the Renogy Inverter, and embrace a sustainable, independent lifestyle powered by the sun.
Enabling an Independent Off-Grid Lifestyle
Empower your off-grid life with the Renogy Inverter, and embrace a sustainable, independent lifestyle powered by the sun.
Enabling an Independent Off-Grid Lifestyle
Empower your off-grid life with the Renogy Inverter, and embrace a sustainable, independent lifestyle powered by the sun.

Package Includes

  • Please note that this package does not include cable. You can buy the inverter cable separately. Our recommended specifications for this inverter are: 3ft, 4/0AWG or 5ft, 4/0AWG

3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Power Saving Mode

1 x


Inverter Remote control

1 x


Battery Bank Qty/ Inverter Size 50Ah 100Ah 170Ah
700W 1 1 1
1000W 2 1 1
2000W 4 2 1
3000W 6 3 2
Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter  
Continuous Power: 3000W Surge Power: 6000W
AC Output Voltage Range : 115VAC Output Frequency (Nominal): 60 Hz 
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Efficiency: > 90%
Operating Temp: -4°F - 158°F THD: < 3% 
No Load Current Draw: < 2.5A Dimensions: 19.0 x 9.0 x 4.0 In
Weight: 12.5 lbs.  

Warranty Information


1-year material and workmanship warranty

Accessories 1-year material warranty


1.Can I use this inverter to charge my batteries ?
No. The Renogy 12VDC to 120VAC inverter can only convert DC power to AC power. Please check the Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
2. What size inverter should I buy ?

1. Sizing the right power output.
Inverters will be rated by a wattage value, telling you how many watts it can run at one time. For example, imagine you had a 500 Watt Fridge and 800 Watt Air Conditioning. These two items would be 1300 Watts and would require an inverter with a higher wattage than 1300W. Renogy 2000W and 3000W inverter will meet your power needs.

2. Check your battery voltage.
The DC voltage rating on the inverter will tell you what battery bank it is compatible with. For example, a 12V battery bank will require an inverter that is compatible with 12V DC input.

3. Size your installation spaces.
What area or space will you set your inverter? Make sure the inverter will fit in the space you have in mind with enough room around it for proper ventilation and no fire hazards.

4. Remote operation is important.
Renogy pure sine inverters come with convenient remote control and DC HOME APP options so that you can operate the unit from afar.

3. Do I need Modified Sine Wave, or Pure Sine Wave ?
Modified sine wave inverters are older technology and generally less expensive. They can be used for many standard appliances but may cause trouble with delicate electronics or audio equipment. Some equipment may work but run hotter than normal.
Pure sine wave inverters are a bigger investment, but much more versatile.
a) Output voltage wave form is pure sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity.
b) Inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler.
c) Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, Game consoles, Fax, and answering machines.
d) Prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors.
4. Can this inverter work with Lithium batteries ?
Yes, as long as the lithium battery is rated for 12V applications.
4. Can I use the Bluetooth Module to monitor this inverter charger from my phone? Which Bluetooth Module should I buy?
We apologize that there is No Bluetooth Module compatible with this inverter.


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  • 5
    3000W inverter

    Posted by Cam McCannel on Jul 2nd 2024

    I haven't really pushed it yet but seems very good.

  • 5
    3000 w

    Posted by Cristinel Bruma on Jun 6th 2024

    Work good for small electronic, I try to use a vacuum but is not working, maybe I have to add more battery bank.

  • 5
    RV power

    Posted by Mike Phillips on Mar 15th 2024

    I am 100% happy with this unit, tested it out with a microwave, toaster, and space heater at the same time. Drawing 2.6kw runs smooth and quiet. All of my renogy equipment has impressed me

  • 5
    Renogy 3000 watt 12voly 3000W 12V PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER

    Posted by Steve Barrett on Oct 3rd 2023

    Very easy to install in my rv instructions were easy to understand and it runs my fridge 24 7 no problem will be adding in rest of trailer but that's not much compared to a fridge. So I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it. If it's got the Renogy name you know your getting good energy. Lol sorry for the pun

  • 5

    Posted by francis perreault on Mar 17th 2023

    Je viens de me procurer l ondulateur 3000watt je me demandais quelles fillage utiliser vous et la fuse combien d ampère merci

  • 5

    Posted by CCDMA on Mar 3rd 2023

    We tested this unit with different loads and on standby. The unit provides full power no problem and is very quiet. When there is no load the unit almost draws no power in a 24hr period.

  • 4
    3000w inverter

    Posted by Chris on Feb 12th 2023

    Well made and silent operation. My appliances run well. It would be handy to have a readout of the loads in use and voltage ect on the remote on/off switch

  • 5
    INVT 3000

    Posted by Nanthar on Aug 3rd 2022

    It is working good and cooling system better than others

  • 4
    Great quality

    Posted by Sebastien Martin on Jul 27th 2021

    I bought the 3000W version of this unit and I’m very pleased with the quality. Works great and has a solid construction. The 3kW unit is quite large so take that into account. The remote switch has a long cable which makes this a nice added touch. The only thing is 3kW at 12V requires large gauge cables in order to feed that much wattage. I used 2/0 gauge and the lugs are too large to fit in the little plastic covers for the connections. Not a big deal. It still works but it feels like it wasn’t designed for large cables.