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REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger

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CAD $403.74
CAD $536.99

REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger

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CAD $403.74
CAD $536.99
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REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger
REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger
CAD $403.74
CAD $536.99
CAD $403.74
CAD $536.99
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The REGO DC-DC Battery Charger's exclusive bidirectional charging technology not only provides the most effective way to charge your house batteries from the starter battery on the go but also recharges and maintains your starter battery when the house batteries are full. The battery charger is compatible with the most popular 12V alternators and batteries. 4-Stage charging provides reliable and effective charging of your batteries. The REGO DC-DC battery charger is ideal for RVs, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts, and vans that need stable energy on the go!

Bidirectional Charging Technology, Keep Both of Your Batteries Charged

Renogy’s bidirectional charging system uses state-of-art technology to charge your house and starter batteries when driving. REGO smart chargers switch to charging your starter battery when house batteries are full to ensure you have all the power you need at your destination.

Plug & Play Connection Terminals Minimize Installation Time

The RENOGY REGO DC-DC battery charger uses 75A Anderson terminals and specially designed Anderson-Ring Lug connectors for a simple and easy way to connect to batteries, cutting installation time by 60%!

Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity Monitor and Control Your Charger Smartly

The REGO DC-DC Battery Charger features a built-in Bluetooth module that allows you to monitor the charging status using the Renogy DC Home App on your smartphone. Setting the battery type selector to USER MODE, you will also be able to customize the Boost Voltage, Float Voltage, and Boost Duration time on the App.

Note if the maximum charge volatge of your system is less than 60A, you need to customize the charging current of the battery charger to the appropriate parameters, which can also be set in USER MODE.

Temperature Resistant Design Maximizes Battery Lifespan

The REGO DC-DC battery charger can perform in extreme heat and cold. It features a matched temperature sensor that can protect your battery from high or low temperature by giving -3mV/°C/2V compensation. This delivers stable and constant charging, and prolongs the battery lifespan.

Note that the temperature sensor cannot use with Lithium batteries.

Compatible with Most Battery Types with Easy Set-Up

This battery charger is compatible with Gel, AGM, SLD, Flooded, and Lithium batteries. The easy-to-use selector allows simple setting of the battery type, no more complicated data setting steps.

Guaranteed Quality, Certified Performance

The REGO battery charger provides built-in Overvoltage Protection, Overtemperature Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection on both inputs and outputs to ensure maximum operation safety. Backed by a 5-year warranty, with certifications including FCC- ID, CE-RED, MIC, etc.

This diagram shows the whole connection of the DC-DC On-Board Battery Charger. 

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Package Includes

REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger

REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger

1 x

Accessories with the DCDC

IGN Signal Wire

4 X Mounting Screws

1 X IGN Signal Wire (Red)

1 X Renogy Temperature Sensor (Black)


REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger  
System Voltage: 12V Max.Alternator Input Current: 70A
Max.Alternator Input Voltaget: 16V Max.Alternator Input Power: 800W
Alternator Input Voltage:

Traditional Alternator: 13.5-16VDC

Smart Alternator (Euro 6): 12.5-16VDC

 Battery  Operating Range:10-16V
Rated Max Charge Current: 60A Rated Max Charge Power: 800W
Rated Max Charge Power: Up to 800W/12V Battery Types:SLD/AGM;FLD;GEL;USER;LI
Self-Consumption:≤50 mA Charge Efficiency: Up to 94%
Operating Temperature Range:'-20 ℃ - 60℃ / -4 ℉ - 140℉ Storage Temperature Range: '-35 ℃ - 65℃/ -31℉ - 149℉
Humidity:0%-95%, No Condensation

Temperature Compensation: '-3mV / ℃ / 2V (Non-Lithium)

'0mV / ℃ / 2V; no compensation (Lithium)

Electronic Protections:

Surge Protection/Short Circuit Protection/Reverse Polarity Protection/Overvoltage Protection/Over Discharge

Protection/Overcurrent Protection/Over Temperature Protection/Overcurrent Protection/Open Circuit Protection

Grounding Type:Common Negative Lug
Communication:Modebus ; RV-C Dimensions (L x W x D): 13.91 x 8.37 x 4.02 in / 353.53 X 212.75 X 102.21mm
Weight:7 lbs/ 3.12kg Terminal Range: 8AWG - 6AWG
Terminal Size:Anderson PP75 Certifications: CB, FCC, CE, UKCA, MIC

Warranty Information

Accessories 5-year material warranty

It seems that this battery charger doesn't have a screen to display data, then how should I check the data and its working status?


The REGO DC-DC Battery Charger with the built-in Bluetooth module allows you to monitor the charging status through Renogy DC Home App by cellphone. You will be able to get the data on the voltage of the starter battery and house battery, the charging current of the battery charger, the reverse charging current, etc.

Can I customize the charging current or BOOST voltage?

Yes, customization settings will be available. You may turn the knob on the battery charger to USER Selection and get connected to the Renogy DC Home App to enter the custom setting mode, in which you can set matching charging current or BOOST voltage according to the characteristics of your batteries.

What are the requirements for the selected generator in two-way charging?

With the exclusive two-way charing design, two REGO battery chargers can be connected in parallel, and get energy from the starter battery and 12V DC generator at the same time to charge the same house battery. The extra energy sources allow you to obtain extremely stable energy with a shorter charging time and adapt to more diverse usage scenarios. To ensure that the battery charger can work properly, it is recommended that the input power supply current should be 1.5 times that of the charger. For the 60A battery charger, the current of the generator should be at least 90A.
Is it compatible with Renogy ONE?
Yes. This battery is compatible with Renogy ONE M1 & Core.

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