Why Folding Solar Panels Are Great for RVs and Camping

Why Folding Solar Panels Are Great for RVs and Camping

By Renogy
renogys blog May 26th 2021

Why Folding Solar Panels Are Great for RVs and Camping

Being off the grid is more convenient than ever. New developments in the latest technology allow adventurers to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort or reliability. One such technology that simplifies outdoor travel is solar panels .

Solar panel kits come in all shapes and sizes, and they aren’t just for your home anymore. With the proper setup, you can travel cross-country as solar chargers provide you with the energy you need. And because road travel usually means limited space, one of the best options to choose is folding solar panels .

Benefits of Folding Solar Panels

Just like home solar panel kits, folding solar panels provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional power sources. By utilizing the sun’s energy, solar panels are more eco-friendly and more cost-effective in the long run.

When it comes to folding solar panels, they are effortless to set up and do not need to be permanently fixed to anything with screws or wires. Also, because they fold, they don’t require as much space and can be moved easily from an RV or boat to the garage or anywhere else they are needed.

It’s also straightforward to maintain foldable solar panels as they are easier to access than rooftop panels. Also, because you can move them anywhere, you don’t have to park your RV, boat, or tiny home in the sun just to get the power you need.

Instead, you can set up your foldable solar panels in a sunny spot while leaving your vehicle in the shade. Keep in mind that having an extension cable available will make this setup possible. d in solar energy. A deep-cycle battery is designed to be fully discharged regularly to prolong its use.

Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kits and Charging Systems

Probably the most significant benefit to portable foldable solar suitcases is how easy they are to use for solar charging. You can use the Renogy solar panel calculator to determine which size kit will work best with your needs. Then, essentially all you have to do is plug it into a 12V battery.

When you have a folding suitcase with a complete kit, it’s easy to carry and store, and it has a charge controller attached. Once you have your power bank ready to go, these heavy-duty, high-efficiency kits are all that is required. Plus, if your energy needs expand, you can expand your kit by adding individual panels.

If adding solar energy to your vehicle setup is new, you’ll also need to install a 3000-watt inverter. This inverter allows you to take the energy stored in the battery and convert it from DC to AC. This way you can use it to charge devices and power small appliances. A proper inverter will keep things running safe and smooth while providing necessary protection.

Folding Solar Panels Use Cases

Folding solar panels are advantageous when travelling, whether in an RV, boat, tiny home, or any other off-grid scenario, like a cabin or shed, because of their portability and ease of use. In most cases, 200 watts of solar energy is enough to power your vehicle's needs.

As long as there is sufficient sunlight, a 200-watt solar panel kit can run small appliances, charge electronic devices, and provide lighting. If 200 watts is not enough, you can always add some Renogy 100-watt panels to your kit for additional energy.


Travelling around the country in an RV is a great way to find spots off the beaten path. Unfortunately, those hidden gems are frequently nowhere near campsites where you can hook up your RV to a power bank for electricity purposes.

With portable solar kits, you can roam to your heart’s content and not have to worry about being left in the dark when the sun goes down. Plus, because they are foldable, storing them in your RV isn’t like a game of Tetris.


For travellers who prefer to see the world via water, small solar panel kits are a great starting point. While the sun beats down on your boat during the day, you can store up the energy necessary to get you through the night.

Unfortunately, not all boats are designed with solar panels in mind. If you own a boat that doesn’t have the ideal space for attaching solar panels, then foldable, portable ones are a great alternative. You can set them up at the front or back of the boat and let them do their thing, and then fold them up and store them away when you need the space.

Tiny Homes

Much like RVs, tiny homes are an excellent use case for foldable solar panels. Because most tiny homes are also portable, they should have portable solar power to go with them. There are many options out there regarding tiny home solar power systems, but foldable solar panels have some added benefits.

For example, many tiny homeowners try to maximize their space by utilizing their rooftop as an outdoor living area. However, if you attach more traditional solar panels to your rooftop, then you miss out on this opportunity.

Also, even though tiny homes may not change locations quite as frequently as RVs, they are built to move around. One place may be connected to the grid, only utilizing solar power as a backup option, while another location may be completely off-grid. Foldable solar panels offer the flexibility needed when considering where to move to next.

Tips for Choosing a Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Like any other solar panel kit, do your research on foldable solar panels to fit your wants and needs. Some things to consider are:

  • Accessibility:Will you spend most of your time on the grid or off the grid?
  • Power Usage: Do you require a lot of power in your day-to-day travelling?
  • Flexibility: How important is it for you to move your solar panels?
  • Answering these questions will help you decide if foldable, portable panels are right for you, or if investing in a permanent setup makes more sense.

    Ultimately, foldable solar panels offer the same benefits as traditional solar panels, along with some other advantages for those who wish to travel regularly. The best folding solar panel is one that gives you the energy you need without any hassle. If you have a roaming lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with foldable solar panels.