The First All-In-One Off-Grid Energy Monitor And IOT Gateway

The First All-In-One Off-Grid Energy Monitor And IOT Gateway

By Renogy
renogys blog Sep 9th 2022

The First All-in-One Off-Grid Energy Monitor and IOT Gateway

Whether you are a part-time RVer or live in your RV, trailer, or fifth wheel most of the year, you want to have the creature comforts you have at home. That includes control of your ecosystem. Most homes have programmable smart controls that make it easy to manage plugs and lights. Now you have that same degree of control with Renogy ONE, the first all-in-one energy monitoring and smart living system with remote IoT control.

Controlling energy consumption is even more important in an RV, fifth wheel, or trailer, especially when boondocking. Managing energy use becomes critical with more electronic gadgets and more remote workers taking their home office on the road. You must balance power generation using solar panels or a generator to charge the batteries used to power the water heater, refrigerator, stove, air conditioner, etc. Ideally, you want a battery bank that can store enough energy to meet 24 hours of your power consumption in eight hours. If your solar array isn’t generating enough energy, you may not have enough power to meet your needs off-the-grid.

Monitoring and managing your solar energy and battery storage system is essential if you want to be comfortable off-the-grid. Renogy ONE makes it easy with smart controls.

All-in-One Energy Monitoring

We designed Renogy ONE to make living off-the-grid comfortable and secure. Rather than having to buy multiple monitors and shunts, Renogy ONE acts as the brains of your off-grid power with a single touch-screen display that provides total smart energy monitoring and control. You get real-time data and intuitive displays of all your connected devices and appliances.

With Renogy ONE, you no longer have to monitor the performance of your LiFePO4 batteries, inverters, or smart battery chargers on separate screens. Renogy ONE gathers all the performance data you need via Bluetooth wireless, RS486 direct connection, or RV-C communications cables.

You can connect three DC appliances to the panel relays. You can turn devices on or off using manual switches or the DC Home smartphone app.

Remote Monitoring and Control

DC Home app puts the same all-in-one controls in the palm of your hand. Using your smartphone, you can set up different smart scenes to suit your lifestyle. For example, you can create an Evening mode that automatically activates the lights or a Sleep mode that powers down lights and appliances for you.

In addition to remote monitoring and control of your power, a Motion Sensor also is available to detect intruders. The sensor has a range of almost 20 feet and a 110-degree field of view. When the motion detector is triggered, an alarm sounds to scare off intruders. At the same time, you receive a notification on the DC Home app. A Door and Window Sensor can pair with the Motion Sensor, so any break-in triggers an alarm and a smartphone alert.

A Wi-Fi connection uploads energy data while you are off the grid, allowing you to monitor power use in real-time for better energy management. You can use your phone to monitor battery status, charge controllers, and other connected energy devices. You also can access data stored in the cloud to see your historical power generation data for the past days.

Add more functionality with the Renogy Smart Plug and Smart Relay. Lights and other appliances powered through the Smart Plug and Smart Relay can be controlled using the same smartphone app.

Intelligence Bundled with Automation

Once you automate your RV’s environmental controls, the next step is to add intelligence. Renogy offers cloud-based data storage and analysis to help you manage power consumption. You can use the data stored online to forecast solar energy generation (pay-for-service), track power consumption, and get an overview of system performance.

Collecting data is essential to monitoring and managing usage, and Renogy ensures that stored data is secure. Any information gathered by Renogy ONE is only used for the dedicated purpose.

If you want to get more from your off-the-grid or boondocking experience, Renogy places total control of power consumption in your hands. Learn more about Renogy ONE system.