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12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

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CAD $589.99
CAD $869.99

12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

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CAD $589.99
CAD $869.99
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12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery
12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery
CAD $589.99
CAD $869.99
CAD $589.99
CAD $869.99
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12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery
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Ultra-safe Battery for Off-Grid Living
Renogy 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Unprecedented Safety Design
Designed with safety in mind for a reliable charging experience.
Stable, Long-lasting Performance
The 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery can go through over 4000 cycles with an 80% depth of discharge (DOD).
Every Nuance & Details Matter
Strictly tested and certified to provide peace of mind and confidence.
Up to Ten Years' Lifespan
As a pioneer in energy solutions for over 12 years, Renogy fuses expertise with professional services into every product delivered worldwide.
Save Every Drop of Power
Losing power on the go is painful. This 12V 100Ah Smart LiFePO4 Battery can provide lasting power for you with a smart ON/OFF switch and hibernation mode wherever the road leads you.
Monitoring via Bluetooth
You can use the BT-2 Bluetooth module to monitor multiple battery status in real time with the DC Home app.
At-a-Glance Monitoring
You can connect the battery monitor directly via CAT cable without purchasing an additional coulometer.
Save up to 15% Space
High-density pouch cells and improved cable structure ensure battery quality and a smaller battery volume.
Bundle up for Power Independen
Wire up batteries seamlessly to expand usable power for RVs, cabins, houses, boats, and more off-grid living spaces you call home.
Planet-Friendly Power
Keep your appliances & devices powered while also caring for the environment with our eco-friendly batteries.

Package Includes


12 Volt 100Ah smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

12 Volt 100Ah smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

1 x

Activation switch


Activation switch and bolts

1 x

15mm M8 Bolts


Activation switch and bolts

2 x

Operation Specifications Mechanical Specifications
Rated Capacity: 100Ah Dimensions: 11.4 x 6.8 x 7.4 inch / 289 x 172 x 187.5 mm
Nominal Voltage: 12.8 V Weight: 26 lbs. / 11.8 kg
Voltage Range: 10~14.8 V Charge Temperature: 32~131°F/ 0~55°C
Cycle Life(0.2C,25℃): 80%DOD 4000 Cycles Discharge Temperature: -4~140°F/ -20~60°C
Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 50 A Protection Rate: IP54
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 100 A Communication Port: RJ45 (RS485 Protocol)
Dischaging Voltage Range: 10V~14.4V Insulation Resistance: 500V DC, ≥ 10 MΩ
Standard Operation Temperature: 25℃±5℃   
Storage Temperature: -13~149℉ / -25~65℃  
Connection Method: Parallel  
UL 1642(Lithium Cell)  

Warranty Information

Accessories 5-year prorated warranty
1.What are Renogy battery’s greatest advantages ?
Firstly, our batteries use the most up to date pouch cell technology. Currently, there are a few battery brands on the market using pre-used battery cores, these have a negative impact on the battery’s life span and present safety risks. In addition, Renogy batteries feature, self-heating functions, an auto-balancing system and an advanced and efficient BMS system. Finally, we provide a 5 year industry leading warranty on all Renogy batteries.
2. What is the specific soft package cell mentioned just now ?
Soft package cell refers to the use of aluminum-plastic film as the packaging material of the cell. At present, the vast majority of lithium-ion batteries on the market still use metal shell cells. Compared with the metal shell of the same capacity, the soft pack battery is light in weight and has good cycling performance. When safety problems occur, gas and heat can be released through the sealing mouth to avoid the further triggering reaction. Steel and aluminum cells have the possibility of explosion.
3. What does the external battery switch do ?
Our battery is connected with a battery switch, which can turn off the battery and the BMS system with one key when the battery is not needed to work, reducing the self-consumption of the battery, making it safer to store, and protecting the battery life.
4. How long will your battery last?
Our battery is capable of 4000 cycles of perfect charge and discharge, after which the efficiency of the battery will drop to 80% of the factory performance, but it is still very good for your use. If you live a completely off-grid life, calculated at the rate of a full charge and discharge per day, you will be able to use it for more than 10 years.
5. How many batteries can I connect to at most ?
Please connect your batteries in parallel, we recommend a maximum of 4 batteries in parallel, and our automatic battery balancing system allows you to achieve parallel safely.
6. What should I do when I receive the battery?
When you receive your battery, please be aware that it may have a low State of Charge (SOC) due to the transportation and storage process. To ensure its optimal performance, we recommend charging the battery right away to avoid over-discharge. If you plan to store the battery for an extended period without usage, we suggest charging it to a SOC of 30% to 50% and performing maintenance every three months. These steps will help maintain its functionality and performance over time.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!
Renogy Deep Cycle Pure GEL Battery 12V 200Ah

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  • 5
    Leisure Activities

    Posted by Adam on May 23rd 2023


  • 5
    My favourite batteries

    Posted by Hazel Euphemia on May 23rd 2023

    This battery has a good specification. I really like the RS485 connection. I connected two batteries in parallel and connected the BT-2 Bluetooth module and it was super easy to install.

  • 5
    Practical batteries

    Posted by Lucky on May 23rd 2023

    This quality is worthy of the fact that I have chosen it for a long time.

  • 5
    High performance battery

    Posted by Will Landon on May 22nd 2023

    The BMS protection inside the battery is powerful and I like it

  • 5

    Posted by Norton on May 22nd 2023

    Surpassed my expectations. I enjoy checking the battery data on my phone.

  • 5

    Posted by Nathan Agnes on May 22nd 2023

    I like this smart battery. Making my off-grid life Smarter.

  • 5
    Good batteries

    Posted by Cici on May 22nd 2023

    I have recently eliminated my 4 old lead acid batteries and replaced them with new lithium batteries and they work like a charm!

  • 5
    Great battery

    Posted by Roy on May 22nd 2023

    All good so far. I can fully charge this battery.

  • 5

    Posted by kaka on May 22nd 2023

    Very good battery, good power for my caravan