200 Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase w/o Controller

200 Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase w/o Controller
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More power with the same portability! The Renogy 200W Eclipse Suitcase uses our premium Eclipse panels to give you the most efficiency when charging your portable appliances. Featuring the same cells as our very popular 100W Eclipse Solar Panel, you will have the highest efficiency Renogy has to offer! Improved leg adjustments allow you to tighten, loosen, and angle your suitcase legs with ease! Keep the adventure going with 200 Watts of power anywhere you go!

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Key Features

  • Excellent performance in low-light environments.
  • Two 100 watt Eclipse Solar Panels
  • Adjustable, corrosion-resistant aluminum stand as well as a heavy duty handle and latches for longevity.
  • Protective casing
  • Compatible with gel, sealed, and flooded batteries.


Package Includes


Renogy 200 Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase w/o Controller

Renogy 200W Foldable Solar Suitcase

1 x

Renogy 200W Foldable Solar Suitcase  
Maximum Power at STC: 200W Maximum System Voltage: 600VDC(UL)
Open-Circuit Voltage: 21.2 V Optimium Operating Voltage: 17.7V
Short-Circuit Current: 11.72A Optimium Operating Current: 10.35A
Folded Dimension: 41.3 x 21.1 x 3.1 inches Weight: 33.60 lbs


Warranty Information


25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate

3-year material and workmanship warranty




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Great product

Rick MacKenie on Sep 15th 2022

Easy to carry, connect, and set up. I own three

portable panel for travel

Claudio Martin on May 31st 2022

I bought this panel to use with 2x100A lithium batteries in small travel trailer. Positioning them towards the sun, out of the shade, makes a big difference in the power output. In full sun, I was getting between 150 and 160W charge flowing into the batteries, according to the Renogy DC Home app. I use the Renogy 30A DC-DC/MPPT charger, which I think is a better combo than having fixed panel on the roof (I only have room for one panel)