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Renogy 200 Portable Power Station

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CAD $199.99
CAD $359.99
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Renogy 200 Portable Power Station
Renogy 200 Portable Power Station
CAD $199.99
CAD $359.99
CAD $199.99
CAD $359.99
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Renogy 200 Portable Power Station

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Take power wherever you go. Renogy 200 is one of the lightest portable power station in Canada, with only 5.3 pounds and a capacity of 222Wh. Renogy 200 can be charged to 80% in 1.5 hours when AC and USB-C are charged simultaneously at maximum power. It provides 4 recharging options: AC, USB-C, solar, and car. The Renogy 200 solar generator can power 6 devices simultaneously and charge devices while recharging itself. It's ideal for camping, road trips, photography, remote work, and outdoor activities. 

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Key Features

Multi Intelligent BMS Protection

  • Renogy 200, portable power station camping has a built-in advanced battery management system, that protects you and the devices you with reverse polarity protection, high/low tempurature protection, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection. 

Quick Charging & Versatile Outputs

  • The solar power generator Renogy 200 can power up to 6 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options, including 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, 2 USB-A fast charging ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 CIG port. The USB-C port can charge your devices at full speed without the bulky adapters, including phones, laptops, and handheld game consoles. Note that the total rated wattage of the AC outlets should be under 200W (surge 400W).

Fast Recharging

  • Renogy 200 solar generator can be charged to 80% in 1.5 hours when AC and USB-C are charged simultaneously at maximum power. This portable generator for camping provides 4 recharging methods: AC, USB-C, solar, and car. The diverse charging options suit different usage scenarios, such as home, car, and outdoor.

200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet

  • The built-in pure sine wave inverter can provide up to 200W clean and stable electricity with the pure sine wave, equivalent to grid power which will protect your sensitive equipment such as CPAP, laptops, tablet PC, camera, drone and etc.

Light & Compact

  • Take the portable power generator wherever you go. PHX200 is one of the lightest solar power station with only 5.3 pounds and a capacity of 222Wh. You will receive 1* PHX200 Portable Power Station; 1* AC Adapter(19V⎓3.42A); 1* AC Power Cable(18AWG); 1* Car Charge Cable(16AWG); 1* User Manual: 1 year warranty.

Intelligent & Convenient

  • Quickly check your charging status with an informative LCD display, including battery level, input and output power, and estimated recharging time. Renogy 200, the portable power generator will automatically shut down when not charging for a certain period to save power. The 200w power station can also be set to disable and enable CIG Port and AC Outlets by the simple push of buttons, to meet your needs.


Package Includes

Renogy 200 Portable Power Station

Renogy 200 Portable Power Station

1 x


AC Power Cable

AC Power Cable

1 x 18AWG, 5.91 feet / 1.8 m


Car Charge Cable

Car Charge Cable

1 x 16AWG, 4.92 feet / 1.5 m


AC Adapter

AC Adapter

1 x 19V=3.42A, 64.98W


Option 1
  • 1 x Renogy Portable Power Station 200; 1 x AC Adapter (19V⎓3.42A, 64.98W); 1 x AC Power Cable (18AWG, 5.91 feet / 1.8 m); 1 x Car Charge Cable (16AWG, 4.92 feet / 1.5 m); 1 x User Manual.
Option 2
  • 1 x Renogy Portable Power Station 200; 1 x AC Adapter (19V⎓3.42A, 64.98W); 1 x AC Power Cable (18AWG, 5.91 feet / 1.8 m); 1 x Car Charge Cable (16AWG, 4.92 feet / 1.5 m); 1 x E.FLEX 80 Portable Solar Panel; 1 x 10Ft 16AWG Solar Connector; 1 x Carry Case; 1 x Ewarranty card; 2 x User Manual (Power Station & E.FLEX 80)


Dimension: 7.48 x 6.10 x 6.99 inch / 190 x 155 x 170 mm Weight: 5.29 lbs. / 2.4 kg
Charge Temperature: 32°F~104°F / 0°C~40°C (Recommended)
32°F~131°F / 0°C~55°C (Extreme)
Discharge Temperature: 23°F~113°F / -5°C~45°C (Recommended)
-4°F~140°F / -20°C~60°C (Extreme)
Storage Temperature: 32°F~113°F / 0°C~45°C    


Battery Type: Lithium Ion DC Input Port: 10V~25V⎓4A, 60W Max
Battery Capacity: 14.8V, 15000mAh / 222Wh USB-C Input/Output Port: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3A, 60W Max
Cycle Life: 500 Cycles (0.5C, 80% DOD, 80% EOL) Total Input: 120W Max


USB-A Fast Charge Port (x2): 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A, 18W Max AC Adapter: 19V⎓3.42A, 64.98W
USB-C Input/Output Port: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3A, 60W Max AC Power Cable: 18AWG, 5.91 feet / 1.8 m
CIG Port: 11V~17V⎓10A, 120W Max Car Charge Cable: 16AWG, 4.92 feet / 1.5 m
AC Outlet (x2): 120V~50Hz/60Hz, 200W Rated, 400W Surge User Manual



Warranty Information

Material and Workmanship Warranty: 1 Year
1.What size solar panel to use?
The operating voltage of the solar panel shall exceed 10V, and the open-circuit voltage shall NOT exceed 25V. It is allowed and recommended to charge Renogy with a solar panel rated above 60W to account for the energy conversion loss. DO NOT connect multiple solar panels in series.
2. What is the capacity? Can it be charged and discharged at the same time?
The compact design with 222Wh capacity can easily power most portable devices and small appliances. It also supports powering the device and charging the Renogy at the same time.
3. Which devices can be charged?
The USB-C Input/Output Port can power most USB-C devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, handheld game consoles, and DSLR cameras.
The CIG Port can power most car-powered devices including portable refrigerators, car vacuums, car air fans, and CPAP machines.
The AC Outlets can power most AC devices rated under 200W including laptop, monitor, TV, game console, inkjet printer, portable projector, and light bulb.
4. How long does it take to fully charge?
You can charge Renogy to 80% in 1.5 hour via Usb-C port and DC input port;
Solar: 4.3-5H; Wall Outlet: 4.2H; Car: 8H; USB-C: 4.1H
5. How to store it properly if it will not be used for a long time?
Charge Renogy to 50% and remove all the connections from Renogy. Turn off Renogy. For long-term storage, discharge Renogy to 30% and charge it to 50% every 6 months.
Fully charge Renogy when it is taken out of the storage.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!
12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Bluetooth

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  • 5

    Posted by David Savournin on Nov 21st 2023

    I use this to power the fan on my propane fireplace insert and an internet router. In a recent 4+ hour outage, it powered both items and two LED lights and still had 78% charge left. Awesome! Great value at the sale price.

  • 5
    Great little power bank

    Posted by Claudio Martin on Jul 24th 2023

    This power bank has ample power and modes to recharge devices. It allows me to use a Dremel tool and 12V air compressor off grid. So many uses. Light, small and easy to recharge.

  • 5
    Good Little product

    Posted by Geoff on Jun 14th 2023

    Used on one trip so far. Charged two smartphones two nights in a row and had 72% left when we got home. Appreciate the multiple charging options (though I haven't had a chance to try it out with the solar panel yet). USB plugs are nice and secure and build quality is good.

  • 5
    200 unit

    Posted by Jessie on May 17th 2023

    Most of the time, it is used outdoors to charge my phone and computer. works well.

  • 5
    renogy 200

    Posted by Gabriel Trudeau on Apr 30th 2023

    pour augmenté l'autonomie de ma batterie de vélo électrique SUPER légère à transporter

  • 5
    Renogy 200

    Posted by Roger Williamson on Apr 11th 2023

    Works great, bought to run CPAP while off grid, will run it 2 nights without needing a recharge. Highly recommended.

  • 4
    Semble bon produit

    Posted by Jean on Apr 5th 2023

    Je n'ai pas encore essayé à fond mais jusqu'à présent ça fonctionne très bien. Léger, compact et facile d'utilisation. Le seul hic , Renogy semble avoir des problèmes de livraisons. Ma commande a été perdue et finalement on a retrouvé ou envoyé un autre colis mais ce fut assez long à régler.

  • 3
    250W unit

    Posted by Tony on Feb 21st 2023

    Great little unit, although it will not connect to the DC Home Renogy app. I have been in contact with customer service and no solution available. Would give it 5 stars if it worked with the app as advertised.

  • 5
    Phoenix 200

    Posted by Mike on Jan 29th 2023

    Needed a battery for some ice fishing electronics, gave this a try and absolutely love it. Best part is it's fully functional for other applications all year long. Build quality is fantastic.